What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (also known as an NDA Agreement) is a legal contract which a business or individual enters into for the purpose of keeping information secret. It is also known as a confidentiality agreement.

What does a Non-Disclosure Agreement do?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement can protect a business’s sensitive information. For example, if a company wishes to give a contractor sensitive business information, it may want to be sure first that the contractor will not distribute that information to its competitors. That’s where a Non-Disclosure Agreement comes in handy.

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    Why do you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

    You will need an NDA Agreement to protect your business secrets with third parties such as suppliers or consultants. If you need to sign a non disclosure agreement, it is important that you take legal advice as there could be legal implications in signing.

    What are the benefits of a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

    An NDA Agreement gives your business confidence in its interactions with third parties. Most importantly, it helps create trust. If correctly drafted, an NDA Agreement can also provide your business a clear legal recourse if the other party fails to keep to its terms.

    How much do you charge for Non-Disclosure Agreements?

    We like to give fixed prices for all of our work. Please get in touch with us for your bespoke price, however as a guide, please see below:

    • If you would like us to create an NDA Agreement, our prices begin from £500.00 + VAT;
    • To review or advise on an NDA Agreement that you need to sign, our prices begin from £250.00 + VAT;
    • To negotiate the terms of an NDA Agreement with another party’s legal representatives, our prices begin from £375.00 + VAT.

    What’s the process if you decide to instruct Pacific?

    1. We’ll ask you to sign and return our Client Care Letter and to place monies on account.
      1. Depending on your availability, we’ll schedule a call within 7 working days, to take your instructions and learn about what you’re looking to protect.
      1. We’ll aim to provide you with a first draft 7 workings days after taking your instructions.
      1. Once we receive your feedback, we’ll send you a final version of your NDA Agreement, ready for your business to use.

    How do you get started?

    Call us today on 0800 066 2219 to speak with one of our Commercial Contract lawyers. Alternatively, leave your contact details on this page and one of local lawyers shall be in touch.


    • Review an existing Agency Agreement
    • Provide a legal opinion and summary of key clauses
    • No amendments


    • Review an existing Franchise Agreement
    • Make amendments to the document
    • Correspond with the other party’s solicitors


    • Create a new Franchise Agreement
    • We’ll prepare a first draft for you to review and provide feedback
    • We’ll incorporate any amendments and provide you with a second and final version.