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    Sponsor Licences

    Helping Your Business Recruit the Right Overseas worker

    What are Sponsor Licences?

    Sponsorship Licences, which are awarded by the Home Office, allow businesses and organisations to recruit overseas workers. Given the reduction in EU workers since Brexit, holding a Sponsorship Licence is an excellent opportunity to recruit the right workers for your business.

    What type of overseas workers can be recruited?

    • Foreign skilled workers;
    • Voluntary workers;
    • Religious workers;
    • Temporary foreign workers;
    • Sportsmen and women.

    Why Apply For A Sponsor Licence?

    With the acute shortage of workers in the UK, it is important that your business has access to the best talent. By applying for and obtaining a Sponsor Licence, your business broadens the pool of talent and expertise it can choose from. This supports the operational management of your business and gives your business access to the talent necessary for expansion.

    Why Use a Sponsor Licence Lawyer to Apply for a Sponsor Licence?

    There are numerous hurdles involved in foreign worker recruitment, whether it is preparing your Sponsor Licence Application, setting up and managing your Sponsor Management System or ensuring compliance.  What is more, if the Sponsor Licence application goes wrong, it could result in a ban on re-applying for 5 years, which would restrict your business’s ability to recruit foreign workers. Therefore, the stakes are high. Using our Sponsor Licence lawyers helps ensure that your Sponsor Licence application is approved the first time round.

    Our immigration lawyers reduce the complication and remove the burden from obtaining a Sponsor Licence, so that your business can focus on recruiting the right staff through the foreign worker recruitment process.

    How long does it take to obtain a Sponsor Licence?

    The length of the process depends on a number of factors, such as current Home Office processing times and whether or not the Home Office conducts an Audit. If no Audit is conducted, a decision could be made within 10-12 weeks. If the Home Office conducts an Audit of your business, then the process could take longer.

    Can you help prepare for a Sponsor Licence Audit?

    Yes, we can help your business prepare for a Sponsor Licence Audit by carrying out a Mock Audit. To request this support, please speak with one of our Sponsor Licence lawyers.

    How much are Sponsor Licence Fees?

    To apply for a Sponsor Licence, we charge a fixed price of £3,500.00 for small companies. For large companies, our prices begin from £4,500.00. The work we carry out includes:

    1. Assessing the strength of your business’s application;
    2. Preparing the application;
    3. Submitting the application and handling all correspondence with the Home Office.

    To begin your journey, please leave your details and our Immigration lawyers shall be in touch.

    What does preparation of a Sponsor Licence Application involve?

    This includes advising on the application process and on your business’s compliance obligations, giving guidance on appointing key personnel and setting-up and managing the sponsorship management system (SMS).

    What other Sponsor Licence Services Can You Support With?

    Our Sponsor Licence lawyers are experts in their field and can assist you with:

    1. Applying for a Sponsor Licence;
    2. Preparing a Priority Service Application;
    3. Upgrading your business’s Sponsor rating;
    4. Creating, advising and implementing a Sponsor Action Plan for your business;
    5. Ensuring compliance with Home Office requirements, once a Sponsor Licence has been obtained; or
    6. Attending a Home Office Sponsor Licence Audit.

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