1. What is a Distribution Agreement?

A Distribution Agreement relates to sales of goods and is entered into when 2 parties, for example a manufacturer and a wholesaler, known as a distributor, agree the distribution of goods for resale by the distributor. A Distribution Agreement can be exclusive, which means the distributor may be the sole entity distributing the product, or it can be non-exclusive.

  1. Who needs a Distribution Agreement?
  • Manufacturers
  • Procurement companies
  • Wholesalers

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    1. How much does a Distribution Agreement cost?

    We like to offer fixed prices, so get in contact to receive a fixed price today.

    • To create a basic Distribution Agreement, our prices begin from £800.00.
    • To review a basic Distribution Agreement, our prices begin from £500.00
    • To negotiate a basic Distribution Agreement, our prices begin from £600.00
    1. How do I get started?
      1. We’ll ask you to sign and return our Client Care Letter and to place monies on account.
      2. Depending on your availability, we’ll schedule a call within 7 working days, to take your instructions and learn about your business.
      3. We’ll aim to provide you with a first draft 7 workings days after taking your instructions.
      4. Once we receive your feedback, we’ll send you a final version of your Distribution Agreement, ready for your business to use.


    • Review an existing Agency Agreement
    • Provide a legal opinion and summary of key clauses
    • No amendments


    • Review an existing Franchise Agreement
    • Make amendments to the document
    • Correspond with the other party’s solicitors


    • Create a new Franchise Agreement
    • We’ll prepare a first draft for you to review and provide feedback
    • We’ll incorporate any amendments and provide you with a second and final version.