Scale-Up Worker Visa

The Scale-Up Visa is a specialist type. It is designed for “fast-growing” UK companies (as defined by the Home Office); under the scheme they can employ overseas workers (“scale-up workers”) in specified skilled jobs. The basic principle behind the scheme is that these scale-up workers have the skills and knowledge to help the company grow further.

This is a sponsored route, for which the company needs to hold a sponsor licence and issue CoS’s. There are rules about minimum salaries and there is an English language requirement. Applications are possible from outside the UK or in some cases within the UK.

This is a very flexible scheme. The scale-up worker only needs to work for the job at the company for six months, after which they can move on to a new job if they want to without any permission from the Home Office. So, from this point they have complete freedom as to there they work but (see below) they still might wish to meet minimum earnings rules.

Leave is granted for two years, and it can be extended for three years, on any number of occasions, if the minimum earnings requirements are met. For this the earnings over the last period of leave are assessed.

Settlement with dependants if any is possible after five years, but again a minimum earnings requirement must be met.

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