British Naturalisation

In most but not all cases an adult (a person aged 18 or over) who wants to acquire British citizenship must apply for naturalisation as a British citizen.

The requirements to be met are:

  • that the applicant must be of sound mind
  • that they must state that they intend to make the UK their home or their main home
  • that they must have lived lawfully in the UK for a period of years (either three or five, depending on the case)
  • that they either hold settlement or have held settlement for at least 12 months (depending on the case)
  • that they have not been outside the UK for too long during the qualifying period
  • that they have met any necessary English language and Life in the UK Test requirements and
  • that they have no disqualifying criminal or other adverse matters.

Successful applicants must attend a citizenship ceremony, organised by their local council, before than can be granted British citizenship.

Naturalisation confers British citizenship “otherwise than by descent,” as does being born British in the UK.

A child cannot apply for naturalisation.

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