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As immigration specialists, we feel it is vital to stay up to date with the latest developments in immigration law, OISC & IAAS regulations, and the legal profession as a whole. To that end, we provide our thoughts in the blog posts below.

Employing foreign workers in the UK after Brexit

What are the key changes and how will they affect your organisation?

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Can Sponsorship Licences ease the labour shortage in UK hospitality?

How can Sponsorship Licences ease the labour shortage in the UK hospitality sector. Click the link to find out more.

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What is the Priority Service for Sponsor Licences?

Find out how your organisation can benefit from the Sponsor Licence Priority Service.

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Construction recruitment 2023: Is every Sponsor Licence a great investment?

Could a Sponsorship Licence boost your construction recruitment? Construction recruitment has seen some real challenges over 2022, with many firms delaying or even turning down projects due to labour shortages. This has seen Sponsorship Licences become a sought-after option for construction firms looking to source great candidates. But is the Sponsorship route right for your business? We take a look…

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How can a Sponsor Licence boost your construction recruitment strategy?

We look at how a Sponsor Licence can improve your ROI on recruitment Construction recruitment is set to remain extremely competitive into 2023, with an average lead time of around 4 months on recruitment and 22% of UK businesses remaining understaffed. A declining workforce is cited as the key factor, with 83% of construction businesses feeling the pressure from the…

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Shortage of Carers UK: Recruiting Carers from Abroad

Immigration rules eased to tackle UK carer shortage The care sector has faced serious difficulties in recent years. A severe shortage of care workers in the UK has been one of the most critical challenges, impacting providers, service users, and healthcare services at large. To enable employers to meet continued (and growing) demand for services, the UK government has recently…

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