We look at how a Sponsor Licence can improve your ROI on recruitment

Construction recruitment is set to remain extremely competitive into 2023, with an average lead time of around 4 months on recruitment and 22% of UK businesses remaining understaffed. A declining workforce is cited as the key factor, with 83% of construction businesses feeling the pressure from the severe shortage of skilled workers.

But it’s not impossible to find great employees – you just need a targeted strategy. The Sponsorship Licence route is a great option for construction recruiters looking to play smart with their budget and boost their recruitment ROI. Read on to find out how.

What are the challenges for construction recruitment in 2023?

A shortage of skilled labour is the number one issue facing the UK construction industry right now. Some of the key reasons for this shortage include:

– Brexit and COVID-19, both of which have caused EU workers return home.

– An ageing workforce: Over 30% of construction workers are over 50 and only 20% under 30, according to the latest figures from the ONS. As skilled workers retire, younger workers are not replenishing the gap.

– Trained workers exiting the sector entirely during the pandemic.

How are labour woes impacting the construction industry?

In short, rising costs and lost projects. A shrinking workforce plus a growing surplus of roles has resulted in spiralling wage inflation, job-hopping workers, and intense competition for candidates. Organisations are creaking under the strain, with upward pressure on recruitment costs, uncertain ROI, and delayed or cancelled contracts.

This has seen record numbers of construction firms going under, with an average of 266 businesses per month going bust in the quarter to October 2021.

The government is encouraging construction firms to invest training in home-grown workers, however the average apprenticeship lasts three years. A vast unmet shortfall looms in the meantime.

How can a Sponsor Licence give your construction recruitment strategy an edge?

Construction employers find Sponsorship Licences particularly attractive for a number of reasons.

Your construction organisation can:

•             Boost its competitive advantage: gain access to a large untapped pool of skilled workers

•             Increase staff retention: the Skilled Worker route attracts reliable and motivated employees

•             Lower recruitment costs: reduce uncertainty and attract rather than chase staff

Our Sponsor Licence lawyers are specialists in this area and can support your organisation at every step of its Sponsorship Licence application. If you’d like to discuss your organisation’s needs with an expert, get in touch to schedule a free, no-obligation chat. Speak with us on 0800 066 2219 or reach out to us at [email protected].