Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

This visa is for migrants of certain nationalities or statuses who are aged between eighteen and either 30 or 35, depending on their nationality. It allows the migrant to come to the UK for two years (or three years for New Zealanders) to work in employment or in (restricted) self-employment. It also allows study. There is no English language requirement. This is a “once in a lifetime” visa route, i.e., you cannot do it more than once.

The list of nationalities and statuses is as follows:

New Zealand
San Marino
India (see below)
Hong Kong
South Korea
British Overseas Citizen
British Overseas Territories Citizen
British National (Overseas)

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    This visa is not extendable and does not offer a route to settlement, and it is one of the few working routes where dependants are not permitted. Applicants must not have children under eighteen living with them or be financially responsible for any children. Applications must be made via entry clearance; in-country applications are not possible.

    The Youth Mobility Scheme incorporates the India Young Professionals Scheme which has similar rules and, as the title suggests, is only for Indian citizens. For this sub-route there is an additional requirement that applicants must hold an eligible degree-level qualification.

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