Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Extension/Settlement

As stated above, the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa route is now closed to new entrants, but extension and settlement applications are still possible. Bearing in mind that it was closed in March 2019 and that leave was initially granted for three years or thereabouts, there must be very few extension applications in the pipeline. 

The initial application required a business idea and business plan (which was assessed by the Home Office) and evidence that the applicant held sufficient funds for investment into the business. The applicant could propose to create more than one business but, if so, each business needed a separate business plan.

The extension application also requires a new business plan, and evidence that the investment funds have been duly invested. There is also a requirement that the applicant shows that at least two full-time jobs (or equivalent) have been created in the business. If the extension application is successful leave will be granted for a further two years.

After five years’ leave in total it may be possible for the applicant and any dependants to apply for settlement. (Or, in the case of an extremely successful business, after just three years, in which case the extension application is not necessary.) The applicant must show that the jobs that were created still exist and that the various other peripheral requirements are still met.

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