Temporary Work Visas

There is a range of Temporary Work visas, all of which enable migrants to come to or remain in the UK for a limited period and work in a particular field. The period of leave granted varies but in no case is it more than two years. Leave must be applied for from outside the UK, except for the Government Authorised Exchange Scheme Worker category, where in-country applications are possible.

These are sponsorship routes and, apart from the Seasonal Workers category, dependants are allowed.

The different visa categories are as follows:

  • Creative Workers (e.g., artists, dancers, musicians, entertainers, models)
  • Religious Workers
  • Charity Workers
  • International Agreement Workers (e.g., servants in diplomatic households, employees of overseas governments or international organisations)
  • Government Authorised Exchange Workers (for those coming to the UK on one of the Home Office’s approved exchange worker schemes)
  • Seasonal Workers (for those coming to the UK to work in poultry production or seasonal horticulture, e.g., fruit-picking)

There is no English language requirement for any of these visas, but they do not provide any route to settlement.

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