Parent of Child at School Visa

This visa is for a parent (but not both parents) of a child under 12 who is studying at a private school and who is applying for a Child Student Visa or who already holds a Child Student Visa or Tier 4 (Child) Visa. The parent’s visa enables them to come to the UK and live with and care for the child. It is not possible to switch into this visa from another visa category.

The visa will expire when the child reaches their twelfth birthday and the parent in this situation will then have to make different arrangements for the care of the child if the child is going to continue their studies.

The applicant must show that they will be maintaining their main home outside the UK and must intend to leave the UK when their visa expires. They must also show that there will be adequate financial maintenance to support both them and the child in the UK.

There is no English language requirement and neither work nor study is permitted.

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