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Recruit the right overseas workers for your business by applying for a Sponsor Licence.

Interested in applying for a Sponsor Licence? Find out how our experts can help you apply to the Home Office for a sponsor licence and manage compliance afterwards.


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Sponsor Licence Applications in Manchester 

Are you a business in Greater Manchester looking for support in the recruitment of overseas foreign workers? Are you finding the application process overwhelming, complicated and perilous? Then we may be able to help! At Pacific Law, our experts provide businesses, companies, colleges and universities in the Greater Manchester area with the support required to obtain Sponsor Licenses, so that the best overseas applicants and workers can join your organisation.

What are Sponsor Licences?

Sponsor Licences constitute a permission by the Home Office for your Organisation to recruit foreign skilled workers, voluntary workers, religious workers and sportsmen into the UK, whether your organisation is a Greater Manchester Businesses, Charity or Educational Institutions.

Why Use a Lawyer to apply for a Sponsor Licence?

There are numerous hurdles involved in foreign worker recruitment, whether it is preparing your Sponsor Licence Application, setting up and managing your Sponsor Management System or ensuring compliance.  What is more, if the Sponsor Licence application goes wrong, it could result in a ban on your Organisation from re-applying for up to 5 years and therefore your recruitment of foreign workers could be restricted. Therefore, the stakes are high. That is why it is important to consider our local support to ensure you apply correctly the first time round.

Our local experts remove the complication and burden from obtaining your Organisation’s Sponsor Licence, so that you and your staff in Greater Manchester and beyond can focus on recruiting the right staff through the foreign worker recruitment process and on growing your business.

How can we help with Sponsor Licences?

Whether or not your Organisation has obtained a Sponsor Licence, our experts assist in the following ways:

  1. Preparing the application to obtain a Sponsor Licence. This includes advising on the application process and on your compliance obligations, giving guidance on appointing key personnel, as well as setting-up and managing the sponsorship management system (SMS) that keeps records in accordance with the regulation;

  2. Ensuring compliance with Home Office policy once your Organisation has successfully obtained a Sponsor Licence;

  3. Upgrading your Organisation’s Sponsor Rating; or

  4. Creating, advising and implementing an Action Plan for your Organisation;

  5. Representing your Organisation at an Home Office Audit.


Once you receive your Sponsor Licence, we can assist with managing your compliance. Having an office in Greater Manchester means that we are local to the area, close by and this helps us to make sure everything is in order.

How much does a Sponsor Licence Application cost? 

Where we can, we always like to offer you fixed prices. This gives you a measure you a measure of certainty when managing your finances. We can support in the following ways, which include:

  1. Preparing your Application for a Sponsor Licence;

  2. Upgrading your Organisation’s sponsor rating; or

  3. A retainer service to manage compliance after you have applied.


To prepare a fresh Sponsor Licence application, our prices begin from £2,500.00, however if you would like to enquire about our retainer service or any other of our Sponsor Licence services, please leave your details today and one of our experts shall be in touch. 

Do We Support Businesses Outside of Greater Manchester?

Yes, we do. Although based in Didsbury, we have the capabilities to support businesses across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Contact us today to apply for a Sponsor Licence. 

Apply For A Sponsor Licence

Before we commence your Sponsor Licence application, we use a thorough pre-audit check to ensure that everything is in place. From Sponsor Licenses to Skilled Worker Visas to Certificates of Sponsorship, our experts are here to guide you and your business on your journey to hiring the right overseas staff. Simply contact us today, so that we can help you navigate the choppy waters of UK immigration law.