Lasting Power of Attorney Forms.

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Where Can You Get the Forms to Draft a Lasting Power of Attorney?

You can download the required forms for free here. Please bare in mind that there are different forms depending on which Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) you wish to prepare. You will need to complete the relevant one depending on which type of LPA you require. You can find out more about the different types of LPA here. 

Where Do You Need to Send Your Completed Lasting Power of Attorney Form?

Once you have completed and thoroughly checked your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you will need to send it to the Office of the Public Guardian for your LPA to be registered and created. Please note that there is a registration fee of £82.00 to submit an LPA. 

The address the form should be sent to is:

PO Box 16185, Birmingham. 

This address may also be found on the front of the form. 

What is an LPA120 Form?

The LPA120 form allows you to make a claim to the government for the £82.00 registration fee to be waived or removed. Only individuals who receive means-tested benefits can apply for the exemption, and supporting evidence will need to be submitted with the form.

You can download the form here. 

The form should be posted to:

The Office of the Public Guardian, PO Box 16185, Birmingham. 

Do You Need a Form to Revoke Your Lasting Power of Attorney?

There is no specific form required to revoke an LPA. However, you will need to file what is known as a Deed of Revocation. You can find a guide on how to draft a Deed of Revocation here, including the set wording you should follow.

Your completed Deed of Revocation should be sent to:

The Office of the Public Guardian, PO Box 16185, Birmingham, B2 2WH.

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