What is a Start-Up Visa?

A Start-Up Visa is a unique investment visa, which differs from the Innovator Visa and Tier 1 Investor Visa. Its rules are simpler and encourage entrepreneurs and founders to set up businesses in the UK.

How long is the Start-Up Visa granted for?

The Start-Up Visa lasts for only 2 years and cannot be extended. If you would like to stay in the UK afterwards, you would need to switch to a different visa. To discover which visas you can switch to, please consult with one of our Immigration lawyers.

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    Do you need a minimum investment for the Start-up Visa?

    Unlike the Tier 1 Investor Visa and the Innovator Visa, there is no requirement for a minimum investment of funds. Applicants will have to satisfy other eligibility criteria, such as having an innovative, viable and scalable business and being able to satisfy the English language requirement.

    Who can apply for a Start-Up Visa?

    • Founders
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Those looking to set up a business in the UK.

    Are you eligible to apply for a Start-up Visa?

    Some of the criteria for the Start-up Visa are:

    • Your business idea is innovative, viable and scalable
    • You have not previously founded a business in the UK
    • You must hold a minimum competency of the English language.

    To find out if you are eligible for the Start-Up visa, speak with one of our Immigration lawyers to begin the journey today.

    What are the differences between a Start-Up Visa and an Innovator Visa?

    • A Startup Visa offers a more flexible route to setting up a business in the UK.
    • There is no minimum investment requirement for the Start-Up Visa route.
    • A Start-up Visa will only be granted once, for a 2-year period. After that, you would need to switch Visa category.

    What is a Start-up endorsing body?

    A Start-Up endorsing body is a government-authorised institution which provides an endorsement letter to the applicant. This endorsement letter is a pre-requisite to applying for a Start-Up Visa.

    How much do you charge for Start-up Visas?

    The total cost for Start-Up Visas is split between legal fees and disbursements, which include Home Office fees. Our legal fees are £2,800.00, however please note that we do not charge any VAT. Our fees include:

    • Advising you from the start and assessing the strength your application;
    • Preparing your Start-Up Visa application; and
    • Handling all Home Office correspondence through the process.

    To receive a breakdown of fees including disbursements, please reach out to our Immigration lawyers today.

    How do I get started?

    •           Contact us today confirm the fees for the Start-Up Visa application.

    •           We’ll send you our client care letter and ask for monies on account.

    •           After we receive back the signed letter back and monies on account, we’ll begin preparation of your application and schedule a time to take your instructions.