What is an Innovator Visa?

An innovator visa is a visa granted by the Home Office and allows a migrant outside or, occasionally, inside the UK to apply for a visa if they have a unique business idea.

Who can apply for an Innovator Visa?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders
  • Those with a unique business idea to launch in the UK.

Importantly, the new business must have potential for growth.

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    Can you set up more than one business under the Innovator Visa Route?

    Provided you meet the other eligibility requirements, you can set up one or multiple businesses in the UK under the Innovator Visa category.

    Are you allowed to be employed by another business?

    Under the Innovator Visa route, you are not allowed to be employed other than by businesses you start.

    Is there a minimum level of funds you must hold under the Innovator Visa?

    Applicants must hold at least £50,000.00 if they are setting up a new business.

    How long does the Innovator Visa last for?

    The Innovator Visa is granted for 3 years, however it can be extended for multiple 3-year periods. In certain cases, settlement can be obtained after 3 years, however if you would like to receive advice related to your specific circumstances, please reach out to and discuss with our Immigration lawyers. 

    How much does it cost to apply for an Innovator visa?

    Our Immigration lawyers charge £2,800.00, although please note we do not charge VAT on our fees. Our fees include:

    • advising you from the start and assessing the strength of your application;
    • preparing and submitting your application; and
    • handling all Home Office correspondence.

    Our fees do not include disbursements such as Home Office costs, which must be paid separately. To receive a full quotation from our Immigration lawyers, please leave your contact details on this webpage and a member of our Team shall be in touch.

    How do I get started?

    •           Contact us today confirm the full cost for your Innovator Visa application.

    •           We’ll send you our client care letter and ask for monies on account.

    •           After we receive back the signed letter and monies on account, we’ll begin preparation of your application and schedule a time to take your instructions.

    Where are your based?

    Our Immigration lawyers are based in Manchester and London, however we offer support to clients from across the world. To leverage our expertise, please leave your contact details and a member of our Team shall be in touch.